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This page contains links to information and resources relevant to Division 33 of the Texas/Oklahoma District of Kiwanis International.

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This section contains background information on our Lt. Governor, the Lt. Governor's Goals and ...

 Mary Kay Phelan  2006-07 LT. GOVERNOR  
203 Chaparral St 
Borger, Texas 79007-8151
Home Club - Borger  Kiwanis Club

Welcome to the Division #33 Kiwanis Web Site.   As your  2006-2007 Lt. Governor, I want everyone to know that I have an ďOpen DoorĒ policy.  This means, call me when you or your club needs assistance with any Kiwanis Club related problem.  I believe that with everyoneís help, we can make a difference in our communities, our schools, and our clubs presence in all the areas each club serves.  I have asked the Division #33 Past Lt. Governorís Association to assist all clubs become stronger and energetic once again.  In the past we had the best Division in the whole Texas/Oklahoma District.  We have slid backwards a little, and lost several Kiwanis Clubs over the past 5 years.  It is my hopes that any club that is in danger of shrinking any smaller in size  will grow larger instead.  Therefore, Phil Woodall, the President of the Division #33's Past Lt. Governorís Association, at my request, has assigned a Past Lt. Governor to each Club.  This Past Lt. Governor, will visit your meetings, your Board meeting, and advise your club on growth, and Club administration.  All past Lt. Governors will also be searching for new Club members for all Kiwanis Club, not just for their Club, or the Club they are mentoring.


My Goals for 2006-07 have been put into place.  Through out the year, I would like for each Club President and all Kiwanis members to help meet these goals.  By knowing what my Goals for everyone is, early in the Kiwanis year, I have strong faith that we can all work together to meet and exceed them.

1. Increase membership by 10% in a friendly and completive competition between clubs. 

2. Increase the growth in our sponsored youth activities. 

3. Increase our contribution and participation in our T/O District and National Foundations.

4. Increase the number of Inter-Clubs that all clubs do each month.  

5. Increase the number of Distinguished Clubs at years end.

6. Increase the number of Distinguished Clubs officers and club members at years end.

    I want to wish each Club Member, and ALL Club Officers, a very successful Kiwanis year.

Mary Kay Phelan

Lt. Governor Division #33 2006-2007



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Division Council Meetings

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The Division Council Meetings are held in Amarillo Texas.  Check this website for dates, locations, and times of meetings.


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Check here each month for the latest issue of the DIVISION #33 newsletter.  Just click on the words Division 33 Newsletter!



Division 33 Newsletter

Mary Kay Phelan - Lt. Governor


News from Around the Division

February 2007



Division 33 Lt. Governorís Fund

All clubs are asked to make a contribution of $2/member to the Lt. Governorís Fund.  This fund is to cover all expenses incurred for the Governors banquet.  Expenses include: motel & meals for the Governor while in town, Governorís gift, contribution to the T/O District Foundation in honor of the Governorís visit.  Make checks payable to:

Division 33 Lt. Governorís Fund

Mail to:

Gilbert Guzman, Div. Treas.

P.O. Box 1377

Amarillo, Texas 79105

 Questions, call Gilbert at 373-1033 or 800/374-2054 or  e-mail at:


Immediate Past Lt. Governor

John Miller 2005-2006

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